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Tr Artist of Ghanaaditional

Welcome to an exciting artistic adventure experience waiting for you in Ghana, West Africa. Imagine yourself working side by side with a traditional Ghanaian artist in their home village, learning techniques that are hundreds of years old but still practiced today.

This is a travel experience designed especially for art enthusiasts and practicing artists of all levels, to study, to study historically significant art techniques with traditional artists in Ghana, West Africa. These traditional artist-teachers have informed us of their willingness to take students with or without previous training, if they are willing to look, listen and work very hard.

We are offering three distinct classes. They are as follows:

WeaverTraditional Handbuilt Pottery
Travel to a traditional pottery village and learn a pottery forming technique that begins with the rim. Clay pots of all sizes are constructed in this manner by the female potters of this village and they are waiting to meet and teach you their techniques.

Kente Weaving
Work on a centuries old Ewe designed traditional strip loom, especially constructed for your individual use during your stay in Ghana.

Broom and Basket Making
Unique to this adventure is an often unexplored offering of a traditional broom making class. Kente weaving and pottery are well known traditional art forms in Ghana's urban art markets essential but unheralded art form that is a familiar rural art form that we are coupling with a traditional palm basket making class.